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Andre Gallo

  • Andre heads up Technology at Triniti

  • He is a Founder himself with IT & Management consultancy experience with more than 18 years in the industry

  • He has first hand experience in conducting thorough technical due diligence and architecture reviews for large entities such as the New South Wales Health Department and Food Innovation Australia

  • Andre has lead the engineering team at Athena Home Loans, one of the largest Fintech startups in Australia which is disrupting the mortgage services industry. Athena is currently valued at over USD450+ million.

  • He has a strong blend of design, technical and commercial expertise and has worked with top-tier clients across Australia, in the US and Latin America.

  • Andre holds a bachelor degree in Business with a major in IT and a Graduate Diploma in IT from The University of Sydney.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Andre Gallo

Digital Innovation & Ventures


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