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Digital Innovation & Ventures

The Problem 

Like many countries around the world, Australia still struggles with significant educational disadvantages among urban school-age youth, which often leads to long-term employment and financial difficulties. The problem is particularly acute in remote and regional areas, where effective and inclusive educational service delivery is difficult. At the core of the problem is the need for highly personalised learning pathways that can be scaled digitally.

The Outcome

.. a micro-business quantitative and qualitative framework that allows NGO’s to apply targeted interventions based on needs and mindset

…a digital impact platform capability that will support and enable a broad sector level participation in the MBO’s journey will increase positive outcomes

The Approach

Applying the Triniti Innovation Design Sprint process we worked at the ecosystem level with learners, schools, the NSW Department Education and related stakeholders on a number of solutions:

The Innovation Design Sprint is a rapid process for answering critical problem/solution questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers or users. Design Sprints allows organisations to shorten the endless-debate cycle and compress months of work into weeks by working in a structured and guided way.  Instead of waiting to launch an actual product to understand if the idea is feasible, organisations get clear data from a realistic prototype that answers key question on the Business, Customer and Technology dimensions. 

Highly innovative and effective new ways to support Learners and Schools

The Outcome

Exploring highly innovative ways to solve for significant Education challenges

Our work focuses on solving significant human challenges by creating highly personalised experiences and digitally scalable outcomes


Skills Marketplace Platform

Triniti created a user and stakeholder validated UX strategy, detailing innovative new ways to deliver the required Skill Marketplace outcomes. The project also produced a comprehensive set of user validated prototype screens and a Technical Feasibility report.

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