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Digital Innovation & Ventures

The Problem 

Epiphan has built a 20+ year track record around providing hardware based corporate video production solutions that are used globally in major organisations and government institutions. The leadership team felt the need to explore high growth digital opportunities that services large addressable new markets. They challenged Triniti to help them think differently about the digital role that Epiphan can play in a post hardware world.

The Outcome

.. a micro-business quantitative and qualitative framework that allows NGO’s to apply targeted interventions based on needs and mindset

…a digital impact platform capability that will support and enable a broad sector level participation in the MBO’s journey will increase positive outcomes

The Approach

Applying the Triniti Venture Design Sprint process, we worked with the Epiphan team, industry experts and existing customers to to create a strong digital product vision for the future. One that identified and validated high conviction digital pain points and product opportunities.
The Venture Design Sprint is a rapid process for answering critical problem/solution questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with users. Venture Design Sprints allows organisations to shorten the endless-debate cycle and compress months of work into weeks by working in a structured and guided way. Instead of waiting to launch an actual product to understand if the idea is feasible, organisations get clear data from a realistic prototype that answers the key questions on the Financial, User and Technology dimensions.

Epiphan Connect

The Outcome

Democratising high quality video production for everyone.

Our work focuses on solving significant human challenges by creating highly personalised experiences and digitally scalable outcomes

Video Streaming

The Triniti Venture Design Sprint laid the groundwork for a groundbreaking new digital product called - Epiphan Connect
Epiphan Connect enables over 280 million Microsoft Teams users to turn any meeting into a broadcast quality production - easily.

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